Photo shoot

Yesterday I had the photo shoot.
The photographer is a wonderful man which I had met through the internet after he had read this blog.
He liked the pictures, although not of the best quality and volunteered to do a session.
I love adding pictures to my stories here , so I accepted gratefully.

We had talked some through email over the past few weeks and he seemed to be a respectful, down-to-earth, attractive man.
I wasn't disappointed.

I got up bright and early, got myself ready for it and we started shooting as soon as he had set  up all the equipment.
He made a series of me on the couch, while spreading my cunt, some with me in my red dress with the 'over-the knee-high heel-boots' and some 'collar' shots with different backgrounds.
After each shoot, we hugged and cuddled, which I enjoyed very much.
He was awesome in giving directions as a true Dom and I was pleased and eager to follow up on them.
Setting up a scene included making my cunt soaking wet and my nipple hard and erect, so he played with them, fingered my greedy, throbbing cunt, pulled my nipples and gave me some nice spankings.
He even made me cum a few times while squirting profoundly and intense.

He did not shoot nearly enough as he had planned, but we also went out for lunch, where we talked mostly about our common love for Holland, where I was born and lived until I came here ten years ago.
He had been there quite a few times and had made the most wonderful pictures while there.

After lunch he made some more pictures but throughout the whole shoot we both became more and more sexually loaded.
I had asked him if making all those sexy pictures of me turned him on.
After that he couldn't really focus any more on the job and said he would do the other shoots he had in mind at a later time.

I don't even remember seeing him undress himself......but I do remember the first taste of his cock and the feel of it in my mouth.....heaven.
I have been fantasising about tasting his cock during the session and was grateful he finally allowed me to please him.
We fucked on the bench and on the couch, allowing me to suck him some more in between fucks.
He felt amazing inside me and made me squirt excessively,
He had told me before I was only allowed to cum while he was inside me, which wasn't easy since the squirting pushed his cock out and concentrating on keeping him inside made my orgasm harder to achieve.
However when I managed to cum and keep him inside of me the orgasm was mind-blowing.
I do need some extra training to get better at this :P

When he finally unloaded himself deep inside my cunt  I could feel him pulse over and over and I felt as if he couldn't have made me feel more useful and rewarded, especially when he said 'you are a good girl.......'