The exciting weekend continues.....

My Dom came over Sunday afternoon and we decided to play in my Dungeon.
The space was still showing the signs of the hot scenes the day before and it had it's effect on us.
Within seconds we were half naked and I was on my knees sucking his nice hard cock.
We practised some deep throat fucking and he took it easy on me since he is quite big.
I gagged a few times on him but managed to take him fairly well.

He ordered me on the couch, ass up and started fucking my pussy really nice.
He felt rock hard and I couldn't wait until he pulled it out and filled my ass.
By now he knew I was very capable of taking him hard there and I loved it when he increased the pace and started to fuck me hard and deep.

We decided to stimulate my pussy with the big vibe and I rubbed my clit with it turned on high speed.
When I slipped in into my pussy it made both my holes cum in one huge explosion.

We wanted to do some piss play and he had asked me before if he could piss in my ass.
He pulled his cock out a bit so just the tip was in and started to unload.
When he asked me if I was willing to try this before I never would have guessed this was super-hot, especially when he pushed his cock in deeper and I could literally feel his fluid pulse into me.
It felt amazing and I just lost it in one of the best anal orgasms I ever had.
Seemingly even more turned on by me loosing my marbles big time, he started to fuck me even rougher then before and I just enjoyed the ride after such an amazing orgasm while both his and my fluids were pushed out of me with every thrust.

Afterwards we cuddled on the couch for a bit before we started to play again and he finally allowed himself to cum.

I couldn't think of a better way to spend a rainy Sunday afternoon :-)

A very exciting weekend

Last Saturday I had another photo-shoot.
This time he wanted to shoot me while squirting, which was a challenge since I had to be stimulated by him to do so while he also had to take the pictures at the right time.
I feel very comfortable with him and got aroused fast when he tied me up between the posts.
That way my legs were spread and he could catch that moment when I squirt profoundly.
To warm me up he grabbed the flogger and started to work my ass and between my legs.
It was heaven, being tied and touched by the leather.....
When he saw I was getting close, he moved into position and grabbed the Hitachi and pressed it against my clit, while his other hand was on the remote trigger for the camera.
I found the situation hilarious, because I had to tell him when I was about to orgasm so he could take the shot, while my body and mind just wanted to let go.
I managed to mumble just before I exploded and saw flashes go off...

I'm multi-orgasmic and he knows that, so again he pushed the Hitachi firm against my now very sensitive clit.
It didn't take long and even more powerful then before I came, shooting out juices all across the room.
After he tied me down, he held me for a while and I love those moments when he does that.
He is a hugger, he does it often especially after an intense moment and I simply love that about him.
Then suddenly he pushed me on my knees and before I knew what was happening I had his rock hard cock in my mouth.
I pleasured him for a bit, but he didn't wanted to cum just yet, so we went out for lunch first.
The plan was to do more serious shoots when we came back, but we both were too sexually loaded.

We both knew we just needed to fuck....hard.

The sling was hanged in between the posts and as soon as I was in it he started to fuck me deep and slow.
When he grabbed my hair and started to fuck me more aggressive I almost lost my mind.
Now the beast was loose in both of us....

He grabbed both my tits and started to use them as tools to fuck his cock.
He pushed and pulled them in the pace he wanted so my whole body was moved back and forth, , rough and deep his cock went and I had no control,
It was one of the hottest things I had ever experienced.

He made me cum that way three times in a row before he untied me and mounted me on the bench and unloaded himself deep inside me.

We didn't make some of the pictures he had in mind, but there's always a next time :-)