The gang bang

The gang-bang was a huge success, not only I had tons of fun, also the other participants were having a blast.
Unfortunately, but understandable, no pictures or video takings were allowed, to ensure members anonymity.
The picture is of my 'bull-dog's' cock and I can assure my followers, it is as yummy as it looks !

After our entree to the club we had a drink, before heading upstairs where the playrooms were.
I played and fucked a bit with my bull-dog and things really got going after he made me squirt excessively.
I saw men dropping their pants in no time, already having rock hard cocks.
The fucking started and I had one after another cock in my pussy and mouth.
The more cock I got , the more I squirted and I even hit several innocent bystanders with fountains of my sweet fluids, who were warned upfront by my bull, but obviously didn't expected me to squirt the distance...
Some of them even never had seen or experienced a squirter before.

I fucked non-stop for several hours, I felt insatiable and could not get enough.
Every cock I got only made me want more and every orgasm they gave me increased in intensity.
My bull kept me well hydrated, asked repetitively how I was doing and had a hell of a job replacing the towels underneath me, to find them soaked again within minutes, meantime making sure everyone was following the rules and were wearing condoms.
Unfortunately we had the odd guy who thought he could stick his dick in me without a condom, but he was caught by my bull before he had the chance.

I also had sex with two lovely girls and I remember that at one point I felt cocks, tongues and hands on me of at least 5 or more persons.
It was delightful !

There is no official count because both my bull and myself lost count in the heat of the moment, but I took at least 20 cocks.
My first gang-bang is a fact :-)


Another PA

On Saturday I met another man with a PA piercing.
Because it was only done a week ago we could not really play, but that didn't mean we didn't have fun :-)
He was incredibly hot and I had to control myself not to put my mouth on his delicious cock.
He made me cum multiple times and seemingly enjoyed making me cum over and over again while squirting.
I also loved it when he spanked my pussy and my ass.
At a certain point he even let me drink his piss and Oh My...did he tasted good !
I'm looking forward to the day he is fully healed with great anticipation and I can finally feel him slide inside of me.
Hopefully he will make more of these awesome pics.

To be continued....


A PA and a GB

For my upcoming gang-bang at a club in Calgary I was introduced to a man with a PA-piercing.
He is going to be my 'bull-dog' at the GB and will make sure my safety is assured, everybody is wearing the proper protection, like condoms and dental dam's , that nobody ejaculates on my body and that nothing is being done to me that I don't want to happen.
He is going to warm me up before the other men get to fuck me, so we decided to see each other beforehand to get comfortable.
We had talked a lot upfront and we really hit it off.
He is a very outgoing, sexually free guy and so far we are on the same page.
We met yesterday and I felt as I've known him for years.
I was very curious about having sex with a man with such a piercing and the thought of it had turned me on.

As soon as we hit my bedroom, he undressed me quickly, since he was curious about my pussy piercings.
He gave me amazing oral and also made me cum multiple times with his hand while squirting before I took his cock in my mouth.
It felt amazing and I played with it a bit, running my pierced tongue along his shaft and exploring that hot ring.
Both ready to fuck, I climbed on top of him and took it in one movement.
The piercing felt amazing inside me and I bounced up and down uncontrollably.
The big ring was hitting my G-spot with every thrust and I could feel an enormous orgasm building up.
The explosion came as soon as I felt he was ready as well and I gushed fluids out of me while still having him inside me.
I simply LOVED the whole experience and can't wait until he gets me ready for the gang-bang :-)