In the near future I'm making this blog more private and only accessible to limited readers.
Of course I'd like to include my loyal followers, so if you want your email address on the list (this is not being published but you'll get access through it), please sent me a PM and I'll ensure you that you can still access this blog.

Thanks !


NB. If you comment on this post, this appears in my private email, where I can moderate them.
I will NOT posts these (unless you specifically ask me to) but just add your email address on my reader list.
So your email addresses will stay private.
Another option is to sent me a PM on my Tumblr:  http://masters-cunt.tumblr.com/


  1. thank you for the invite. I would have really missed you! Someday, if you want, I will tell you about my time as a Dom in a very active scene I was involved with in N.H. Although my sub and I were never nearly as intense as you were/are in your D/s life, we created an extreme degree of closeness and many very happy memories we both still talk about. Time, health and family issues finally tore us away from our relationship, but we are still close friends, and we fondly reminisce often. (so much for being a lurker!) Sorry I went on so long...

  2. oh, here you are! At least we can enjoy the older stuff. I've missed you!

  3. Dear Lovely Dutch Treat> It has been a year for transition. The portion of your life you share always leaves me wanting more and wishing more for you; but please let us share your journey. We have all come so far.

  4. merry xmas, hope to hear from you soon