One sexy weekend

Since my man and me live hours apart, we both drive halfway on weekends we are both off.
So early Friday I left for Great Falls and as soon as we hit the motel-room we could't keep our clothes on and fucked several times.
It was only 11 days since we've seen each-other but we both felt like it was much longer.
He felt great and I could't get enough of him.
We fucked, cuddled, talked and fucked again and again.
He is my man, my lover, my soulmate and my future.

Later that Friday afternoon we invited a guy we have been talking with online to play.
It was wonderful to have sex with another man while my love sat by me, holding my hand, caressing my face and kissing me.
No jealousy, just pure lust, sex and release.
Unfortunately Mr.Friday had two very fast orgasms, and was out the door shortly after.

That night we made love again and again and discussed the encounter.
Both of us are very secure about our feelings for each-other and that sharing and having fun can be part of our relationship without jeopardising it.
In fact the honesty between us makes it stronger.
I can fuck for days.and it makes him happy to see me satisfied.
I'm thrilled that I've found the man who is willing to give me that and loves me for who I am.

Saturday we had Mr.Saturday visiting in the hotel-room and  this one was even less skilled and left after only one orgasm, seemingly embarrassed that also he could not last.

These fucks weren't very good, but still exciting.
I like having sex with other men and that they were strangers adds to the excitement as well as the fact that I could make them cum within minutes.
It is just a matter of time before we find men or couples that are capable of holding it a bit longer and can play for hours.
Lucky for me my man does have tons of stamina and a very high sex drive as well, so the rest of the evening was again hot and steamy :-)

Both nights I slept like a baby in his arms, safe, satisfied and loved.


  1. I envy you and your man. I lost my wife and the love of my life to cancer 1/19/2016 and the entire year was a mix of deep depression and the occasional suicidal thought. 2017 was no easier as the first anniversary of her passing, but your blog gives me hope that one day I will find another who will share my life, my loves and my kinks. Thank you again for letting me in to witness your journey.

  2. Followers like you inspire me to keep on writing....thank you for sharing.
    be well.

  3. I need to tell you how much I've enjoyed following the stories you are gracious enough to share with us. Thank you...