The end of what was not meant to be

When L came to visit me for a few days two weeks ago we had awesome sex right away and every time when we had the chance.
I had to work that weekend but as soon as I got home (he was staying at my house) we jumped each other, made love, had rough sex, cuddled, talked and neither one of us seemed to be getting enough.
Living with a man is not something I'm used to but I adapted and I really loved waking up next to him.
However, you get to know ones personality a lot better as well and he got too comfortable.
His approach to my bad smoking habits was not appreciated by me and I decided to break up with him a few days later.
I was in the process of quitting smoking and could use some support, but he was very belligerent instead and it made me want to smoke more instead of less.
I managed to quit smoking all together in the meantime by myself, and am very proud of myself.

Instead of sad I felt relieved.......

While with him I got to know a lovely couple from Montana who came to visit me last week and needless to say we had lots of really hot, uncomplicated sex :-)