Relaxed after an amazing cum

Me !

A little peek at my pierced pussy

Back to the kinky side

After a few months being in a vanilla relationship I decided this was not for me, the sex was ....eh....rather too vanilla for me and left me unsatisfied most of the time.
My body and soul crave multiple cocks, rough sex, endless sessions and the power-exchange and so the itching became unbearable.
As soon as some of my former kinky friends-with-benefits (FWB) found out I was single again, they reconnected with me and I must admit I made up for lost time in the two weeks I've been single again.
I also played with a few new men, but they didn't really work out, except for one, a very kinky Dominant of which you'll most likely hear and see more of in the near future.

One of those men came on to me very strong, he was going to fuck me all night long, tie me up, use all the toys on me that he had, of which he had sent me pictures as well of himself.
In the pictures he looked like a man with a nice body and he assured me he could last forever.
Until we met.
The first round was not too bad, he could give me a good hard pounding and lasted for about half an hour.....then he rolled over and ...........fell asleep !!!!!
No toys , no ass fuck !
I was not even close to being done, a first good fuck always makes me even more horny then I already was.
I sneaked out of the bedroom, got dressed, grabbed my stuff and drove home giggling,  where I sent him a message.
Of course he was never to be heard from again.

That said, I never go into a play having certain expectations, every man is different and I never had a really 'bad' fuck, it was always fun, exciting and new.
But..... when somebody brags about his sexual qualities over and over again and doesn't live up to it ......that is funny.

If you haven't any fun....you're not doing it right.

I also played  with a FWB I knew from last year and it was amazing to reconnect with him again..
He loves  to dominate me and he knows how to fuck me really good.
I got thoroughly used in the shower, where he also pissed on me and a little in me and  my ass got so many nice poundings that I squirted allover the place.
In the bedroom we had several sessions, with naps in between and the next day I drove home smiling :-)

I'm back at being a dirty slut, my happy place, until I find that one Dominant who wants me as bad as I want him, who is going to give me lots of cuddles, loves me for who I am, pushes my limits, fucks the shit out of me and wants me to be fucked by others often and regularly.